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During the current COVID-19 health emergency, Iowa One Call’s primary goal is to assist our members in meeting their damage prevention needs.

IOC has no plans to cease operations and is, we believe, adequately prepared for the challenge of the current public health emergency. We will continue to steadfastly support our members’ damage prevention goals and monitor this developing situation.

COVID-19 Update and the Governor’s Executive Order, March 2020

On March 17, 2020, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency. Whereas this act does activate the public health response and recovery aspects of the State Disaster Emergency Plan, it does not alter the requirements of the Underground Facilities Information Act – Iowa Code chapter 480.

Utility Services are considered life-sustaining operations and do not fall under the current Iowa Governor’s executive order.

The requirements of the Iowa Code chapter 480 have not changed.

Iowa One Call remains fully operational through both our call center and online services, to receive underground facility locate notices and to transmit those notices to the utilities throughout Iowa.


If you have an active ticket and are delaying the work, please call to cancel the notice to prevent utility locators from unnecessary activities.

Please know that the utilities may reach out to you to negotiate mutually agreeable locating timelines to mitigate time constraints due to potential decreases in the utility’s locating workforce. Whenever possible, please work with the utilities to establish reasonable and mutually agreeable scheduling alternatives.

Underground Facility Operators:

Iowa Code chapter 480 permits an underground facility operator to reach out to an excavator to negotiate a mutually agreeable locate date/time.

Once a mutual agreement is reached between the operator/locator and the excavator, the operator/locator must use the Ticket Check response code, “Agreed To Marking Schedule.” It is important to note that agreements must be mutual, and will, therefore, require direct contact between the operator/locator and the excavator – which must be initiated by the operator/locator.

We wish everyone continued health and safety!

We regret to inform you that due to growing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), effective immediately Iowa One Call will cancel all remaining Excavator Safety Awareness Program meetings.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Thank you and be well,
The Iowa One Call Team.

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